Thursday, January 16, 2014


Article 45. Environment

(1) The Federal Government shall give priority to the protection, conservation, and preservation of the
environment against anything that may cause harm to natural biodiversity and the ecosystem.

(2) All people in the Federal Republic of Somalia have a duty to safeguard and enhance the
environment and participate in the development, execution, management, conservation and
protection of the natural resources and environment.

(3) The Federal Government and the governments of the Federal Member States affected by
environmental damage shall:

(a) Take urgent measures to clean up hazardous waste dumped on the land or in the waters of
the Federal Republic of Somalia;

(b) Enact legislation and adopt urgent necessary measures to prevent the future dumping of
waste in breach of international law and the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia;

(c) Take necessary measures to obtain compensation from those responsible for any dumping of
waste, whether they are in the Federal Republic of Somalia or elsewhere;

(d) Take necessary measures to reverse desertification, deforestation and environmental
degradation, and to conserve the environment and prevent activities that damage the natural
resources and the environment of the nation.

(4) In consultation with the Federal Member States, the Federal Government shall adopt general
environmental policies for the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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